Let’s make science unlimited, together.

Aptamer Group pursues a variety of partnerships across the life science ecosystem, aiming to bring our Optimer® platform to enable new solutions for scientific breakthroughs.

Collaborating across the life sciences

Our commitment to innovation and integrity leads to longstanding, valuable partnerships with biopharma companies, academic institutions, manufacturing companies, charitable research organisations, and more.

Biotherapeutic partners

Optimer® binders enable the selective targeting of biomarkers and tissues with tuneable kinetics and half-life for diverse therapeutic approaches.


We partner with biotherapeutic developers to leverage our platform’s capabilities and develop targeted therapies through:

A selection of our work with biotherapeutic partners

Cancer Research UK

To develop bifunctional Optimer® therapeutics for the treatment of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML)


To develop Optimer®-drug conjugates to target solid tumours

Diagnostic partners

Enabling the pursuit of new biomarkers with assay-compatible binders is breaking down barriers to new and improved diagnostics for global health.


We partner with test developers to advance development with critical tools for a range of assay types, including IHC, LFD, ELISA, and biosensors.

A selection of our work with
diagnostic partners


To develop Optimer® binders for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Bioliquid Innovative Genetics

To develop Optimer® to support non-invasive prenatal testing and the diagnosis of placental disease

Bioprocessing partners

New solutions are required to increase purity, yield, and cost-efficiencies in bioprocessing and facilitate the next generation of drug targets.


To accelerate and support drug development, we partner with bioprocessing scientists to improve quality control and biomanufacturing across multiple target types.

A selection of our work with
bioprocessing partners

Bio-Works Technologies

To develop Optimer® affinity resins for gene therapy manufacturing

Custom Enzyme manufacturer

To develop Optimer® for convenient monitoring of biomanufacturing processes

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