Our guiding principles

We bring our proprietary Optimer® technology to help solve intractable problems for researchers across therapeutics, diagnostics, bioprocessing, and research sectors. Using this technology, we can offer a broader target range and new approaches to overcome the scientific limits to new breakthroughs.

Our Vision

Our vision is science unlimited


We power scientific innovation with novel technological solutions for our partners across the life sciences

Our Mission

Through our people and values we remove the scientific barriers to success by delivering high-quality science. Underpinned by innovation, integrity and precision

We believe the following core values: Commitment, Drive, Integrity, Productivity, Innovation and Collaboration.


Committed: We put customers first. We take ownership. We are accountable, responsible and driven to deliver high-quality science..


Driven: We are tenacious, patient, effective, take pride in our work and are determined to return stakeholder value.


Integrity: We are honest, forthright, respectful, and unambiguous in communication with each other.


Productive: We focus on the task in hand. Perform to the best of our ability. Hold high standards and have a positive attitude that leads to our success.


Innovative: Our vision is science unlimited and we constantly strive to exceed expectations in the world of science.


Collaboration: We believe in developing a multi-disciplinary team is the best way of achieving our goals.