Optimer® binders- novel solutions to enable the life sciences

Optimer® binders are aptamers that have been optimised according to the target, the desired end-use, and the best manufacturing profile.


From developing drug delivery vehicles optimised for targeted delivery to novel analytical tools or stable and selective diagnostic reagents, whatever your project, we customise each Optimer® discovery and development campaign to ensure the performance that more than meets your needs.

The Optimer® advantage

  • Improved target range

    Improve success in discovery with 3 seperate processes optimized for different target types

  • Small and stable

    Increase tissue penetration with binders <15 kDa and remove cold chain supply with themostable Optimers®

  • Rapid development

    Cut up to 70% off discovery and development timelines compared to antibodies

  • Ethically compliant

    In-vitro developed non-animal derived antibody replacement to help improve ethical compliance

  • Flexible conjugation

    Imple, efficient conjugation to tags, labels and payloads

  • Batch consistent

    Consistent batch production deliver reproducible data and minimizes waste across the entire product lifecycle

Optimer® binders have been successfully developed for a range of applications, including:

  • therapeutic inhibitors and modulators
  • drug delivery vehicles
  • biomarker screening and validation
  • in vitro diagnostic assays
  • protein purification and separation
  • quality control analysis
  • pharmacokinetics and drug assays
  • in vitro research

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