3 discovery platforms. Multiple target types.
Increase your success with Optimer®

The Optimer® platform consists of three parallel refined processes for the discovery and development of Optimer binders. Each of our processes is used to develop the best performing Optimer® for specific target types:


  1. Small molecules
  2. Protein and peptides
  3. Cells, tissues and viral vectors


All projects are initially assessed for feasibility within our systems prior to progression. This step gives you rapid insight into the potential for project success and a quick, risk-free go/no-go decision. Multiple rounds of positive and negative selection can be performed as part of each process and all systems can be tailored according to assay and buffer conditions to deliver specific Optimer® binders that enable your project.

Cell, tissue, and viral particle target selection


  • Accurate target conformation delivers performance advantages in cell and tissue-based applications – flow cytometry, IHC, targeted therapeutic delivery.
  • Discovery can operate in a hypothesis-free manner without known biomarkers.
  • Overcomes the need for target protein production.
  • Potential to select for internalization and specific organelle delivery.
  • Use of several cell types/tissues for positive/negative-selection purposes.

Protein and peptide target selection


  • High-throughput processes allow rapid progress across multiple selection rounds for exquisite specificity and flexible discovery conditions.
  • Potential to discriminate between highly homologous targets eg PTMs, single amino acid substitutions.
  • Discovery performed in solution under relevant end-use conditions and against specific protein conformation.

Small molecule target selection


  • Proprietary displacement assay to identify for small molecule specific Optimer binders without modifying the target.
  • Discovery performed in solution under relevant end-use conditions.
  • Small molecule detection compatible with many formats including biosensors, ELISA, lateral flow devices, molecular beacons etc

Selective and flexible development

Deploying this multiplatform approach allows specific Optimer® development to enable the unique aims of each custom aptamer project.

The additional specificity and flexibility offered through three distinct aptamer discovery platforms increases the potential of identifying Optimer® binders that perform as required in each specific assay. We can run projects through different platforms in parallel to increase the potential of identifying the right Optimer® binder.

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